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RedGard Uncoupling Mat

RedGard Uncoupling Mat

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A waterproof, vapor-proof uncoupling membrane that can be used for crack-isolation in most tile, porcelain or natural stone installations, and can be applied over challenging substrates such as installation over green (young) concrete and single ply 19.2" (49 cm) o.c. wood framed floors. RedGard® Uncoupling Mat is designed differently than bonded membranes. When exposed to excessive substrate movement it absorbs stress and preserves the surface and integrity of the tile. RedGard® Uncoupling Mat's bonding layers have reinforced fleece which locks mortar into the mat, ensuring strong, reliable installations.

Technical Data Sheet

Key Features

  • Helps prevent cracks in tile and grout
  • Use to replace 1/4" (6 mm) backerboard or a second layer of plywood in tile installations - 1 roll replaces 3-4 sheets of 1/4" (6 mm) backerboard
  • Use with polymer modified thin-set mortar - As recommended for bonding porcelain and other difficult to bond tiles
  • Reinforced fleece bonding layer locks in mortar for a strong bond
  • No fasteners required
  • Mat made from 70% recycled pre-consumer waste, by weight


  • Elastic, rot proof and resistant to aggressive substances and liquids such as alkalis, solvents and oils.
  • Bridges cracks, uncouples floor assemblies from their substrates, and is suitable as an underlayment for all floor tiles and stone.
  • Protected by a Lifetime System Warranty when used with a qualifying mortar.
  • Contains 70% recycled material by weight.
  • Can be used as an ANSI A118.10 waterproof membrane.
  • Allows installation of tile over concrete with high moisture content.


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