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Curvytile - Lithium Samara Cream

Curvytile - Lithium Samara Cream

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Curvytile Series is a collection of uniquely shaped tiles with original designs and beautiful colors. Curvytiles break the mold of geometric shapes and like the name, they are curvy. Our collection of porcelain Curvytiles are imported directly from Spain.


Style: Porcelain
Tile Size: 10.5x10.5
Water Absorption: >0.5%
Breaking Rupture: >1300n
Scratch Hardness MOHS: 7
Resistant to: Thermal Shock | Chemical Products | Abrasion
PEI Rating: 4
Resistance to Staining: 5
Country of Origin: Spain
Sq ft/box: 10.76

Color Options: Chestnut | Clay Patchwork | Cream | Avenue Cream Avenue Grey | Grey | Lithium Samara Cream | Lithium Samara Grey


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