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Crack Buster Pro Crack Prevention Mat Underlayment

Crack Buster Pro Crack Prevention Mat Underlayment

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A self-bonding, fabric reinforced, asphaltic membrane that isolates ceramic and natural stone tile from cracks in the substrate. Suitable for both full and partial coverage applications. CrackBuster Pro is a crack isolation membrane that meets the requirements of ANSI A118.12 and protects tile from in plane movement up to 3/8” (9.5 mm). Its strong self-adhesive backing and uniquely designed surface provide secure bonding for all types of ceramic, natural stone and terrazzo tile. CrackBuster Pro also helps reduce sound transmission through the tile assembly.

Technical Data Sheet

Key Features

  • Rated for extra heavy duty applications
  • Easy application - Peel & stick
  • Elastomeric - Reduces crack transmission in tile and stone floors
  • Provides IIC sound reduction up to 18 dB
  • Reduces downtime allowing immediate installation of tile


  • Extra heavy-duty rating for installation within diverse substrates.
  • Exceeds ANSI A118.12 standards for crack isolation material.
  • Eliminates crack transmission in tile and stone floors.
  • Easy and quick self-adhesive installation reduces downtime for tile and stone installation.
  • Sound transmission reduction (11C) using A118.13 section 5.3 is 18 dB



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